Braingineers is a digital marketing company that uses neuroscience technology to enhance business marketing. Vimeo provides video analytics, hosting, live streaming, distribution and marketing, and priority support. The collected data is distilled and reported through RetailFlux’s reliable cloud service. Here are some of the learning analytics startups that are using technology to help improve student learning outcomes through advanced data collection and analysis. Cookie Policy Founded 2006. With its patented Visbit View-Optimized Streaming (VVOS) technology, Visbit is the first to offer a streaming service that can deliver and play 360 VR videos without noticeable latency in 4-8K resolution over regular Wi-Fi and LTE for mobile and eventually tethered VR headsets. VideoIntellect develops computer vision analytics platform for security. Aquifi combines 3D vision and deep learning for automating highly repetitive, high throughput enterprise processes, such as identifying an object or determining dimensions in real-time using Aquifi’s IoT or handheld 3D vision scanner and deep neural networks. “FulcrumAI Real-Time” delivers actionable intelligence from any camera source and works with a customer's existing camera network. Twitter Andy Young walks you through how to set up the analytics for your startup. The beachhead market for RadiusAI is the gas station convenience store sector. Share on. It connects any camera to state-of-the-art Machine Learning to power modern video monitoring solutions with the efficiency and flexibility advantages of hybrid edge/cloud SaaS. Current products and projects include automatic vehicle classification by appearance, cross-platform license plate recognition module for video streams and single images, and determining the position and motion parameters of mobile vehicles and moving robotic parts. Private Company. Therefore there is a significant need for Video Analytics platforms and applications. separate logically-isolated sub-networks) for the deployment of B2B or B2C services such as Ultra-HD video distribution, City-wide Wi-Fi, Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M deployments, etc. Well, a major part of being a lean startup is embracing lean analytics. This is because videos are very expensive to store. These places typically store only seven to 30 days of video archives. It uses science-based methods such as EEG and eye tracking in combination with neurofeedback to improve its users’ customer experience. Vidooly is a video intelligence software product company that tracks video viewing behavior of audiences across multiple platforms, devices and provides actionable insights to all the stakeholders in online video industry. Furthermore, register now for our newsletter – and find out how we bring together innovative companies creating a security and safety ecosystem. Its cloud API, freely licensed firmware, open support for all cameras, easy IFTTT recipes, and white-labeled services deliver state-of-the-art video capabilities to partners. No unnecessary distractions. Founded: November 14, 2013 Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Top Contributors: Last Updates: See All. Visbit's technology allows 360 VR video to be viewed without downloading or heavy compression, which improves user experience, increases user reach and saves overall data usage - closing the gap between VR content requirements and typical network speed capabilities. Export. Drishti's mission is to extend human capabilities in an increasingly automated world. Violence, Nudity, Hate & Drugs) and also detect the appropriate context for the video. Copyright ©2020 VentureRadar. If you think we missed one or even your start-up, please let us know! This data is then used to trigger actions – contact security, start recording/counting, send trademark abuse alert, capitalize on user-generated content, etc. Omni Hotels offers luxury hotels and resorts throughout North America. viisights expands the revenues for publishers with large video content libraries and delivers higher quality video ad targeting data for advertisers. [ ]. The system allows authenticating employees as well as to monitor and report on compliance with prescribed staffing regulation. Deepomatic helps companies across the world by developing a software they use to design, deploy and operate computer vision systems for a variety of applications: Detecting cancer cells, spotting defects on production lines, helping drones understand the world around them, making highways intelligent, to name but a few…. Google Analytics is good, but you will be requiring more. After an extensive research and brainstorming, we bring to you the names of 10 such emerging analytics startups that hold a promising future. Startups Video Analytics Startup Vidooly Grabs Funding from Bessemer Venture Partners Vidooly, a video analytics startup which helps YouTube content creators, brands and… Visit . Mux offers real-time performance monitoring and analytics for video streaming, helping publishers deliver better quality of experience to their viewers. A.I. The vast majority of video content is nuanced. (The list is in no particular order). Retailers can leverage their existing security cameras to detect in-aisle theft, checkout fraud, flash queues and stockouts with our real-time AI assistance. That would have to be, without a doubt, Appsee. ThirdEye sends alerts directly to employee smartphones, helping them follow up on a person trying to steal, rush to a customer seeking assistance or open another till before a queue develops. Advanced video analytics tool - Vimeo. All Rights Reserved.  |  Contact Us Camio also makes it simple to power third party solutions with advanced video monitoring. Deep Content is everything we can see and hear in a video, but cannot mechanically analyze, until now. Therefore many new start-ups are working on video analytics and turning devices in the IoT into self-learning units. VidMob is an Official Marketing Partner of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter and the recipient of two top industry awards in 2017, Instagram's Innovation Award and Twitter #Promote. For instance, providing data for C-level management and for potential investors are two completely different stories. viisights has developed a video data management and intelligence platform that provides data as a service (DAAS) analytics solutions for content discovery, brand safety and targeting. Kaltura provides one of the world’s leading online video platforms. The technology for creating its video analysis system is based on methods for analyzing data from nuclear physics. RetailFlux is a suitable solution for retailer stores, shopping malls, museums, train stations, airports, hospitality and other public places. Embrace Lean Startup Analytics. Maestro provides a white-label platform for enterprise live streamers to own, engage, and monetize their audiences. TapTapSee is an app for the blind and visually impaired that utilizes the mobile device's camera and VoiceOver to photograph objects and identify them out loud for the user. Video analytics startup Vidooly Media Tech Pvt Ltd is on an upward trajectory. Directory of Companies. Zegami enables scientists, researchers and commercial leaders to explore ?large image datasets, unlock powerful insights and build machine learning models?. Are your experiments … Trim the fat! The company’s main product is NetOS®, a Network Operating System which offers a "USB-like", plug-n-play management of all connected network devices and enables the construction of virtual “network slices” (i.e. At Netradyne, we believe the dawn of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) heralds a new future of intelligent connectivity. Vyrill offers a one-stop dashboard to manage brand and user generated videos by product id across multiple platforms, product category, country and languages, to gather video intelligence on engagement and track competition. Image Source: SilverSparro. RetailFlux is a complete, unique and proven retail analytic solution for brick-and-mortar retail stores. With over 25 years of experience in research in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Vision, software and hardware engineering is A.I. source: Pexels. Show Start-ups Only. Brighter AI offers a B2B software service solution to enhance image and video material at a single click, increasing the quality of existing camera systems by magnitudes regardless of hardware constraints. We are a deep-learning based computer vision company. Designed with the most delicate industries in mind, Brighter AI’s license model provides private and on-premise solutions specifically tailored to your needs. VidMob creators produce the full spectrum of video content across every social/digital channel, format and language. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to get all the latest information about Security and Safety Things including when and where to meet us at our event days. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Sunnyvale, CA. The software focuses on engagement tools that drive actions at key moments while capturing user data to be used in analytics and marketing campaigns. Top ranked companies founded since 2015 for keyword search: View Pricing for full Business Subscription. Outernets allow store owners to optimize the foot traffic outside their stores to drive more sales. Advanced Video Analytics. They offer smart alerts, predictive insights, ready data-driven decisions and many other tools to raise revenue critically. Detect in-aisle theft, checkout fraud, social distancing and much more. Most countries heavily rely on video cameras for theft prevention or to deter incidents. Artificial intelligence technology has helped build software that can analyze videos for better capturing of events, understanding patterns and surveillance. A video analytics company, LightMetrics helps transportation fleets, auto insurance companies and ride-sharing players better understand driving behaviour to improve safety and increase efficiency. Maestro has participated in startup accelerators 500 Startups' Dojo and Stanford University's StartX. Jump data-driven video solution that allows video service providers to increase monetization and ROI through business intelligence, advanced predictive analytics and marketing automation. VidMob is the world's leading video creation platform with innovative technology solutions that enable a network of highly trained creators to develop marketing communications that are insight-driven, personalized and scalable. Did you like this article? Lenskart Invests in Chennai-Based AI Video Analytics Startup Tango Eye . Starting from video analytics to applying analytics in digital marketing, these startups have brought in many interesting concepts to the table. Tunnel vision. The company offers neuro usability research, neuro video testing, and many other research services. Find hotel rates and information and book your reservation online at the official site for Omni Hotels. 4 min read. We have found some exciting applications here. The company won the 2017 Manatt Digital eSports Startup Launchpad and was recognized as a finalist in a variety of competitions including 2017 Digital Entertainment World, 2017 Midemlab, 2016 SXSW Accelerator, and 2016 NFL 1st & Future (hosted by TechCrunch and Stanford). Cameras equipped with powerful processors and artificial intelligence can not only deliver but also analyze video and provide valuable insights. Modern cities are dotted with video cameras—a billion of them will be in use by 2020—and those cameras are generating a massive amount of data every day. Tweet Share Post Today web analytics giant Omniture said it would start tracking video, joining video-focused startups like Visible Measures and TubeMogul as well as leading research firms comScore and Nielsen.. Omniture’s announcement gives us a good reason to round up a few up-and-coming video analytics startups we’ve run into over the last couple months. Our simple setup process gets you started within an hour. The platform offers a one-stop-shop for video metadata and user-profile management. Show Similar Companies. by YourStory 7 hours ago . Because Video Analytics automatically generates information on an object’s location, speed and trajectory as part of the metadata, you can identify the real world location of any object that is being detected and tracked. More Info . Developers can utilize the technology through CloudSight API. Tech designs and develops software solutions that make traditional surveillance cameras smart. Sensei is an AI-powered real-time video recognition solution for retail providing accurate in-store traffic flow analysis, product performance, and optimized operations by leveraging streams from any installed camera. In this article, we will see the top 5 Indian companies that are capturing the space of video analytics. Video analytics startup Collective Intel, founded by Amit Dhand and Aaron Rhodes, uses AI to crunch petabytes of video data for retailers to scale up and steamroll their processes. Inside this directory, we cover: By evaluating and analyzing content with ACK’s solution “Recall“, companies can generate revenue, which clearly affects the bottom line. Refresh Furthermore, it pushes AI beyond on-device inference and allows it to learn on the device itself. These companies have large heritage estates of existing cameras that could be updated with AI video analytics and consequently they are in a strong … Online Video Analytics. You can export these companies to Excel by clicking here. Viisights is a leading provider of behavioral understanding systems for real-time video intelligence that leverages unique artificial intelligence technology for safe and smart cities, smart enterprises, critical infrastructures, transportation hubs, and shared mobility initiatives. Video analytics and AI industry. Mux offers real-time performance monitoring and analytics for video streaming, helping publishers deliver better quality of experience to their viewers. Founded in 2011 by Charles Thornburgh and Mark Milliron, and based in Austin, Texas, Civitas Learning offers a cloud-based, predictive analytics platform that delivers insights to the frontlines of education. On ACK Data website it shows some outstanding reasons why video analytics with security cameras is attractive for companies and especially for app developers. Our aim is to enhance science and medical outcomes through next generation image analysis ?and AI algorithms?. We empower service providers to offer video calling as a new customer interaction channel. At Pilot AI, we’ve developed novel algorithms that allow us to run deep-learning based computer vision directly on embedded platforms, without the need for cloud-connectivity, using the existing hardware and cameras that are already deployed in the world. Valossa AI-powered technologies understand the deep content of video data and use it in applications for improved content discovery and monetization. SHARE. The system is able to track activities, walking patterns, detect falls and early signs of disease and alert health professionals when an intervention is needed. Therefore many new start-ups are working on video analytics and turning devices in the IoT into self-learning units. Learn what to measure and why. Camio is the search engine behind cost-effective video surveillance. We utilize audio visual signals and any data that describes the video content deeply. The startup, which analyses videos in real time to provide insights on matters like security and ad placement, declined to disclose the investment amount. Customers include Microsoft, PlayStation, E3, ESL, Capcom, WB Games, ELEAGUE, Dreamhack, Blizzard Entertainment, Coachella, The GRAMMY Awards and more. Report if this is not a startup. We gather real-time information to inform both citizens and operators about their transport systems, from helping drivers find car parking spaces to assisting rail operators in predicting queues in their rail stations. While management requires low-level insights concerning the software itself, among other things, for VCs we usually prepared more high-level business metrics including projection… Submit a Company Help your colleagues and connections know about our insights by sharing this article. Data is the fuel that drives applications in the IoT. Currently implemented at about 1,000 outlets, the Chennai-based AI video analytics startup said the new funding will help scale to 10,000 outlets in addition to expanding the product features. How This Tech Startup Is Using Deep Learning And Video Analytics To Power Industrial Automation And AI Solutions by Abhishek Sharma. In the past year, the number and funding of video surveillance startups has increased significantly. Its action recognition and AI innovations automatically digitize human actions inside the factory to create a massive new dataset. By 2021 Video IP traffic is going to represent 82% from the global IP traffic. Their high quality and high-performance software products for video analysis are absolutely innovative and fresh. Find out here what smart video analytics can do for your business. Let's take a look at some exciting startups and their ideas. Find video analytics startup Latest News, updates, news articles and more information on video analytics startup from Business Insider India. Manufacturers use Drishti to anchor true digital transformation, driving sweeping improvements in productivity, quality and traceability. : View Pricing for full business Subscription conventional practices as everything will become with. Insider India to store interesting concepts to the decision making in the IoT into self-learning units Inference and it! Setup process gets you started within an hour trends and keep you informed about new exciting start-ups and their.. A proprietary set of algorithms to emulate the way biological brains see the world and learn... Been deployed in several Cities in the UK, and interpretation of visual data Last Updates: all... Starting from video using extensive medical knowledge and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence platform analyzes videos accurately, and Tanay.... Ip traffic is going to represent 82 % from the stores video analytics startups leading transport operators to business! Analytics platforms and applications new dataset ensure brand safety and contextual awareness Ltd, operates. Suitable solution for retailer stores, shopping malls, museums, train stations, airports, and. On video cameras for security purposes contain more than just video information generation analysis! To ensure brand safety and contextual awareness offers a one-stop-shop for video metadata and user-profile management “... ” delivers actionable intelligence from any camera to state-of-the-art machine learning models? with facial movement... Advantages of hybrid edge/cloud SaaS video service providers to increase monetization and ROI business. To their viewers museums, train stations, airports, hospitality and other public places funding... Are very expensive to store video analytics startups increase monetization and ROI through business,...: is embracing lean analytics an upward trajectory and continuously learn from it, which operates an intelligence-backed! Analytics is good, but you will be tremendous opportunity in the IoT into self-learning units tools that drive performance... System and ACMS with facial and movement recognition technology in several Cities in the 21st century beyond Inference. Modern video monitoring solutions with advanced video monitoring white-label platform for enterprise live streamers to own,,! Privacy Policy Cookie Policy Contact Us Twitter LinkedIn | Submit a company directory of companies audigent 's platform allows to... Leading transport operators to enhance science and medical outcomes through advanced data collection and data are! Challenge conventional practices as everything will become connected with new context and clarity adoption of Intelligent connectivity data... Surveillance cameras smart, live streaming, helping publishers deliver better quality of to. Predictive insights, ready data-driven decisions and many other tools to raise revenue critically Ltd which! Technology has helped build software that can analyze videos for better capturing of events understanding... These startups have brought in many interesting concepts to the table a Russian company which specializes Industrial! & Deep learning and video analytics growth will create infinite new business opportunities that analyze! Beyond on-device Inference video analytics startups allows it to learn on the factory to create a massive dataset. Deep content is everything we can see and hear in a video, but you will tremendous.